Spring 2019

Well, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

Lots of updates to my Publications list…

New honors listed in my Bio, including a MacDowell fellowship…

But most importantly of all, my debut novel is coming soon, and you can find out all about it – including how to preorder – right here!


Summer 2017 in Review

Well, it’s been a heck of a year so far. And despite the ongoing real-world horror show around us, I personally can’t complain. Turns out I deal with this stuff by getting busy.

Postcards from Natalie“, which appeared in The Dark over a year ago now, snagged the Shirley Jackson Award in the short story category. Jackson’s long been a favorite of mine and the nominees for this award are always extremely competitive, so winning was no end exciting. If you’d like to see me make a shaky and undrafted speech, there’s video here.

My nonfiction also came in for a nod – this one from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. The CDS was kind enough to select “The Wrong Place”, the opening section of my book project THE CITY AND THE SKY, for the 2017 Documentary Essay Prize. The prize is only given to a writer once every two years,  so it felt twice as good!

September may be fall for those on the academic calendar, but it sure feels like summer here in Astoria so I’ll add a couple more bits of good news. My flash-length urban nature essay “Practical Augury” is now available at Tributaries, The Fourth River‘s online periodical. And my widely-ignored 2013 story “Bad Penny” is reprinted in this month’s Apex Magazine, having become tragically topical again after the events in Charlottesville, VA.

Mixed Up!, and More

After a long slog of editing my novel-in-progress (and trying to make a little money here and there), I’m pleased to say that things are cooking on the short fiction front again! In addition to reading my latest at Okey-Panky, you can now pre-order the anthology Mixed Up!

Mixed Up! pairs cocktail recipes lovingly curated by Molly Tanzer with hot new flash fiction selected and edited by Nick Mamatas. Sip and savor work by Elizabeth Hand, Jeff VanderMeer, Benjamin Percy… and my own meditation on the Aviation, birding, and the art of the grift.